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Just over 1 minute

This web design starter package is perfect for any small business looking to establish themselves online. You’ll receive a uniquely designed, brochure style website custom fitted for your needs. As a result, your website will be easy for customers to navigate to find general information about your business.



We’ll set you up with an email domain and walk you through the set up process so you can have a means of communication with individuals through a professional medium. Having a professional email instead of a gmail address shows that your business is established and trustworthy. Furthermore, mixing personal and business emails show people that you aren’t organized, and may be likely to miscommunicate.


Information pages

It’s important to have information available about your business and the services/products you provide in order to effectively compete in your industry. We’ll gather information from you about your story, competitive advantage, FAQs and contact information to create a snapshot of your business. Customers are human, and we all can be impatient and lazy at times. Hence why we create organized, intuitive, websites that provide the necessary information where users want it to be. We’ll make it easy for viewers to buy your product or service!


Custom page

Most starter/one page websites offered in the design community only offer information sites. That’s why we offer a custom page within our lowest investment package, the Web Design Starter. This allows us to showcase your product or service in an effective way. We’ll get a good idea of what you want to communicate to your viewers and customers, consequently setting forth a persuasive page outlining what you offer.




  • Home, About Us, FAQs, Contact page
  • 1 Custom page (Services, Product etc)
  • Email domain setup (



*Additional services and customization are available*

If you’re interested in a monthly package that includes continuous support, check out our Monthly Web Design & Maintenance Plan

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Web Design Starter Package

Unique design, free domain, 6 months hosting included ($150 value)



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