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Our advantage

The Premium Web Design package is fully loaded. The Modern developers have decked out this package with everything your business needs to leave a lasting impression. Our development team studies industry leaders and will apply original, best practises to your website.  Our marketing team will establish a recognizable flow of your brand from your website to your social media.


Target customer

Choosing Premium Web Design is your best bet to give your business a modern edge against your competitors. You can be assured that we will conduct in depth research of your market and competitors. As a result, we’ll be able to provide you with a result that sets your business apart. We focus on your target customer by studying who they are and what they like, and give them the best experience we can offer. Consequently, understanding your customers will build trust and respect that bring your customers back for more.



There are generally 3 types of business websites; brochure or informational, lead generation, and e-commerce. Each style is very different and requires an entirely different approach. The Premium Web Design package includes the option of selling a product or service on your website. Even if you don’t think you have anything to sell online, we usually find a way to sell what you have to offer to an online consumer. This is just another way we define ourselves as more than a design & marketing company. We think way outside the box for every project and leave no stone unturned.


Research & Discovery

Our thorough Research & Discovery Phase is more in depth than any of our competitors. Our team ensures we have a deep understanding of your company, goals & objectives to execute the site of your dreams. Communication is, as in all parts of life, the most important aspect to reaching a solution that is desired by all. We actively listen, use visuals, use simple and direct language. Furthermore, we keep organized records of communications, anticipate your questions, and keep you informed at all times.




  • Advanced analytics, interpretation & tracking
  • User experience focused
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Up to 3 social profiles, including profile and banner images


*Additional services and customization are available


If you’re interested in a lower investment package that includes monthly support, check out our Monthly Web Design Plan.

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