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About This Project

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Investing in the future

A Monthly Web Design Plan provides continuous professional support to keep your website fresh and up to date. We’ll be there to help as your business grows and ensure your website grows with you. As a successful business, it’s crucial to have a long-time web partner. You need someone who understands you and your business, and has the benefit of experience with your business. Because there’s simply no substitution for time.


Continuous support

Regardless of the meticulous work of web designers, most of the time a site isn’t fully done in the clients eyes when it’s launched. There is a limitless nature to web design that is addicting to all involved. As a result, most business owners feel they’re only getting started when the site launches. Because business owners are meticulous individuals in their own right, they usually find new ways to arrange things or ways to streamline processes. That’s why launch day is usually only day 1 of the web design process. Therefore, if you have a monthly web design plan you’re covered.


Benefits of a monthly plan

Going with a monthly web design plan provides opportunities. You can save capital, gain tax benefits, minimize risk, and receive dependable service and maintenance. Investing in a custom website only to encounter technical maintenance takes away from the numerous benefits of having a professional website designed. So, we’ll take care of all the technical upkeep and prevent you having to deal with crashed websites and databases, hosting issues, SEO problems, or bugs.


For less than the cost of a coffee a day, you’re guaranteed a professional online appearance to attract and engage customers. In addition, our user-friendly interface allows you to make changes or additions to your website at any time.




  • One time set up fee of $199
  • Monthly fee $79.99 – no hidden fees or extra costs
  • Hosting is included
  • Regular maintenance, back-ups and updates are performed monthly
  • Use your existing domain, or get a free one with a 1 year subscription
  • All members will receive a complimentary subscription to our MODxTREP membership. (Tons of useful resources for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers)


*Additional services and customization are available


Are you interested in having a website designed for your business, but don’t need a monthly web design plan? Check out our premium web design plans here and our business web design plans here.

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Month to Month Website Rental


$79.99 a month

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